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I am the biggest evangelist for running. I turned my half-hearted relationship with the sport into my passion. I want to help you reap the benefits too. I ran London Marathon 2019 in a respectable 4hrs 34mins, 3 years later I ran London Marathon 2023 in 2hrs 36mins coming 3rd in the British Champs race. This progression is down to three things, hard work, a personalised professional training plan and the support from my coach. This is what I want to offer my clients!

I want to share my experience and knowledge far and wide. Getting a coach is the best thing I ever did, achieving personal bests over every single distance. Whether you’re just starting out or an elite athlete, running invokes a sentiment that makes you feel limitless. No matter how quickly, how far you run, we’re all just striving to be our best and I want to help you get there.

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