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I’ve been teaching and coaching Athletics for over 20 years now (which makes me feel old!) but my love for running burns as bright as ever and I’m really excited and honoured to be joining the Best Athletics team!


Whether you’re starting your journey on a ‘Couch to 5k’ or reaching for a sub 2:30 marathon (and everything in between!) I can bring the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. I started teaching and coaching Athletics in 2002 when I qualified as a Secondary PE Teacher, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education with Sports Physiology and Psychology. This has given me a great foundation and understanding into the more intricate elements of running and helps me guide people in all aspects of their training…not just the miles on the road! On a personal level I now aim to keep achieving ‘good for age’ times for the World Major Marathons, at 43 they are a bit more forgiving and I’m currently aiming for a sub 2:50 at Manchester in April.

So how can I help you?


The most important part to me is to set you a plan that will find the right balance between progression, overload and rest, so that you’re in peak condition and injury free come race day. I will guide you through the different pace sessions you will need to improve your lactate threshold and help you be disciplined and consistent in building the easy pace miles that will strengthen your aerobic system…the perfect combination to improve your overall speed and endurance! Alongside the importance of the actual running in your training I can help and guide you through all the extra elements that will supplement your program, these include; diet, nutrition, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, kit and equipment, psychology and the key factor…motivation!

Most importantly as a coach I hope i will be able to relate to your personal circumstances and help you enjoy your running and training whilst still being able to cope with all the stresses and pressures life throws at us. I, like i’m sure most of you, aren’t a professional runner, I work full time, have a wife and two young children and still manage to find time to run six days a week and up to 90 miles..all in the hope my wife won’t divorce me! 

So, if you love running as much as me, have the discipline, passion and motivation to get out of that front door….I’m sure i can help you achieve your goals!!


  • Leadership in Running Fitness

  • BSc Physical Education with Sports Physiology and Psychology

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