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Running teaches you so much about yourself, the mind games, the resilience, the physical strength, speed and stamina - trust me you have it all it's just about getting training right, having support and you will reach your goals.
My favourite distances are anywhere from Half Marathon to Ultras. My current PBs are HM 1:23, Marathon 2:57 and I came 4th female in my first 50 mile ultra last year. 

I’ve been coaching for 7 years and I can tell you personally and from looking at my runners that there’s nothing more amazing and powerful than when you’re running feeling strong, with confidence and self belief. This is why I coach a combination of running AND strength work all tailored to your goals! As a coach, communication is key for me too, I will catch up with you on a weekly basis and I also have monthly group calls so you feel part of the team - coaching is so much more than a plan so with us working together you will hit your goals!


  • Coach (CiRF and LiRF)

  • Level 3 PT

  • PhD researcher - studying youth athlete well being in partnership with England Athletics

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