Coach Alex's Best Tips on Drills

In conversation with coach Alex.

We asked coach Alex about her favourite drills, why we do them and when. Here's what she had to say;

Q: I’ve just laced up, can I go straight out for the run?

A: Technically yes. However, you should warm up before ANY run. Regardless of pace. We are all guilty of lacing up and just heading straight out the door but this way, our muscles are going from static movements to high activation without any warning. Danger- this could put you at risk of injury. It is always best to include some dynamic drills before any type of training.

Q: Why should we include dynamic drills ?

A: We need to activate our muscles to get the blood flowing just as you need to warm yourself up after being in the cold to get functioning properly, your muscles need pre-heated to function properly for a run too.

Q: Dynamic drill or static stretch?

A: Static stretches before a workout do not aid performance or reduce injury. A static stretch helps range of movement and to relax which is why we do it AFTER the session. Before a run you should use dynamic/explosive and activation drills. You need to load the tissue you are going to use. Static stretching does not do any of the following;

· Warm you up

· Prevent injury

· Address the cause of your muscles feeling ‘tight’ or ‘stiff’

· Decrease or prevent muscle soreness

· Improve performance.

All of the above need dynamic drills/mobility or strength training- they need active movement.

Q: Can you give me some ideas for dynamic drills and how can I structure my warm up?

A: I usually use 4-5 drills, 20 seconds on each drill and aim for 3-5 rounds. Below are some of my favourite or you can visit my Instagram @alexm_16 and have a look at some of my reels for warm ups.

· High knees

· A skip

· B skip

· Toe/heel touches

· Grapevine

· Lateral leg swing

· Pogo hops

Thanks for the insight coach Alex! Head over to her Instagram reels where she shows you how they're done.

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