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I have been a member of Best Athletics for two and half years, and a coach for nearly two of those. Joining the club in 2021 helped me to elevate my running to new levels, meet new people and embed myself in the London running community. As a coach, it's  my job to help you unlock your running potential. 


My background before running is in team sports, and I’ve now been running for over 8 years. I was an amateur boxer at Uni, so running was a staple part of my daily training. It wasn’t until I left boxing in 2017 that I began to find my feet as a runner, as many of the characteristics of running training and performance gave me the same fire that I found in boxing. I completed my first half marathon in 1 hour 38 minutes in 2017 and my first marathon in 3 hours 31 minutes in 2018, but it wasn’t until the solitude of lockdown where I really began to understand what my mind and body were capable of completing a 100km challenge around London in 9 hours 56 minutes.


Since then my personal achievements have gone way beyond anything I would have ever expected. I've ran a 2 hours 40 marathon in London and Manchester, a 74 minute half marathon, a top 100 finish at the UTMB Snowdonia Ultra Marathon and have most recently earned a qualifying spot at the Hyrox World Championships in June. I’ve never been ‘naturally gifted’, the quickest, fastest or anything special. All of the above has been achieved through hard-work, commitment and self-belief that I can push myself beyond my limits. And now it’s your turn. 


What I’ve achieved is more than just these good times to my name. The thing with personal bests is that there will always be more of them, and they in reality are just the end result. For me, it’s the benefits of the process of working towards these goals that is the real Nirvana of running. I believe that running and racing are about so much more than just sport or a one off event -  it’s an inclusive lifestyle for absolutely anyone. Running and Hyrox is indiscriminate, no matter your age or ability, it’s about becoming a fitter, healthier and happier version of you.


I want to help as many people as I can to reap the same rewards from running. And that is my commitment to you as a coach - to help you to thrive as a person through your running and push you to new limits. I’m not just here to help you get shiny medals or PBs, (although that is still definitely important!). I'm here to help you to become a better you; whether that’s completing your first event, hitting a new PB, racing in memory of someone, motivation to step outside in your trainers or in the gym day after day, building your knowledge of fitness or just to enjoy your training, whatever your aim, my job is to help you achieve it. I believe the benefits of exercise can filter over into other aspects of life to help you to become the best version of you (and you’re already awesome!). Together, we’ll use discipline, commitment, control, flexibility, teamwork and many more tools to help you to achieve your goals. 


So whether you’re aiming for your first 5k, attempting your first marathon or are taking on your first Hyrox. Whether you're aiming to finish an event or aiming for a specific time, it’s my commitment to you to equip you with the right tools and knowledge to not only get you over the finish line, but to love how you got there.

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