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Running is my passion! I’m now at the stage where I almost depend on running. Nothing in the world beats that endorphin release it gives you – Nothing!

Very few things are sweeter in life than a PB. I know these days will eventually come to an end but for now, I’m enjoying this journey...


My own running journey has taken me to heights I never thought imaginable, including the journey to becoming a run coach. I want to help you achieve your running potential with my data-driven approach to run coaching! My coaching philosophy emphasises injury prevention, nutrition, mental resilience, and recovery - a holistic approach ensures a well-rounded and successful running journey. Let’s get started and redefine what you thought possible in your running adventure!

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I’m a running coach who is passionate about helping individuals find balance in their lives while pursuing their fitness goals. As someone who has experienced the struggles of managing a full-time job, a busy social life, and personal fitness, I understand the challenges of juggling it all and can help you to integrate fitness into your life without missing out on the things that matter to you.

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Whether you’re starting your journey on a ‘Couch to 5k’ or reaching for a sub 2:30 marathon (and everything in between!) I can bring the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals. I’ve been teaching and coaching Athletics for over 20 years now (which makes me feel old!) but my love for running burns as bright as ever and I’m really excited and honoured to be joining the Best Athletics team!


The most important part to me is to set you a plan that will find the right balance between progression, overload and rest, so that you’re in peak condition and injury free come race day. I will guide you through the different pace sessions you will need to improve your lactate threshold and help you be disciplined and consistent in building the easy pace miles that will strengthen your aerobic system…the perfect combination to improve your overall speed and endurance!

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Running is: The connection with people and places. The adventures. The challenges. The highs. The lows. The setbacks. The PBs. The freedom. The community. The sense of belonging. My fire. I can't wait to share my passion for the sport and the club and be a part of your running journey!


For me, it’s the benefits of the process of working towards these goals that is the real Nirvana of running. I believe that running is so much more than just a sport. Having always focused on team sports, including Rugby and Cricket, I’ve now been running for over 6 years.

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The pure love to move one foot after the other has led me to develop into a running coach for Best Athletics. Nothing else in the world makes me feel as alive and invigorated as running does. Running allows me to feel grounded in times of uncertainty, challenges me to be tough when I am feeling weak and takes me to places I never thought I could go. Running is what fills me with joy, keeps me smiling and keeps me positive. For anyone looking for a holistic, wellness based approach to training I’m ya gal.

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As a running coach, I am committed to helping others uncover their own potential and surpass their limitations. In particular, I specialise in trail running and ultra distance coaching, where the power of endurance and the beauty of nature intertwine. However, I don't limit my coaching to experienced runners alone. Whether you're a beginner taking your first strides or a seasoned veteran seeking a new challenge, I bring a holistic approach to every individual's plan, tailored to their goals and aspirations.

So, join me in this remarkable pursuit. Let's tread upon the trails, breathe in the wilderness, and embark on a transformational running journey together. It's time to unearth the extraordinary within and unleash the power of our bodies, minds, and spirits.



  • A bespoke monthly training plan

  • Built to fit around your work and social life

  • Access to our exclusive team WhatsApp group

  • Frequent contact with your coach either via WhatsApp or email

  • Monitoring of progress

  • Advice on exactly what speed you should be running relative to targets and ability

  • Nutritional and race day tips

  • Access to team discounts (physio, nutritionist, S&C coach, SIS fuel, Versus socks, Africa marathons)

  • Access to our Tuesday and Thursday group track sessions (if you live local to London)

  • Online team S&C classes and nutrition webinars.

  • 10% off on all merchandise upon signing up.


With Nick 

£95/$105p/m   With Sam, Dan

 Mary or Chris

£75/$88p/m   With Amie, Jack

or Jess

  • Plus a once off joining fee of £20/$25


In addition to the monthly package you'll get;

  • Fortnightly consultation via a call or video call.

  • Free team running vest


 With Nick


With Sam, Dan, 

Mary or Chris

£95/$111p/m    With Amie, Jack

or Jess

  • Plus a once off joining fee of £20/$25


With Dan

  • Access to weekly group speed sessions

  • Tailored speeds and delivery by Training Peaks

  • Group access to Hybrid Hub & coaching team

  • Level 1, 2 or 3 program

  • Advice on exactly what speed you should be running relative to targets and ability

  • 10% off on all merchandise upon signing up


  • Plus a once off joining fee of £20/$25


With Sam

  • All the benefits of the standard coaching packing, including;

  • Access to multiple menus and nutrition info-graphics

  • Online team S&C classes and nutrition webinars.

  • 10% off on all merchandise upon signing up.

£100/$115 initial food diary analysis & consultation 

£100/$115 first months detailed meal plan 

£170/$195 p/m  thereafter

With Sam 


  • Get a certified gait analysis done virtually via video

  • Improve form and reduce the risk of injury going forward.

  • Ensure training is sustainable.

  • Identify current weaknesses and correct dysfunctions

  • Assess and improve athletic performance

  • A list of personalised exercises in order to improve

  • A one month review of progress, where additional rehab exercises will be given


With Nick


Anything you’d like to discuss and need assistance on, for example:

  • Guidance on pace

  • Guidance on sessions

  • Recommended strength, stretch, core and foam rolling exercises

  • How to overcome injury

  • Race day tips

  • Race day pacing and strategy

  • Nutritional tips

  • Setting of realistic and achievable goals

  • How to improve your current plan

  • A whole lot more


 With any coach of choice

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