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I’m a running coach who is passionate about helping individuals find balance in their lives while pursuing their fitness goals. As someone who has experienced the struggles of managing a full-time job, a busy social life, and personal fitness, I understand the challenges of juggling it all and can help you to integrate fitness into your life without missing out on the things that matter to you.


Like many others, my relationship with running ignited during the crazy world of Covid! Initially just to get out the house for a daily dose of Vitamin D (and stop myself going insane). First it was twice a week, then three times, then four and before I knew it - I WAS ADDICTED.


Within months I was comfortably running half marathons and could start to feel myself getting fitter and fitter! Eventually I challenged myself to a lockdown marathon. I carb loaded the night before, got a good night's sleep and was raring to go in the morning. After a few measly stretches off I went.. no water, gels or energy bars and 3 hours and 10 minutes later I had completed my first ever marathon - it felt incredible!


Covid came to an end and the running bug left me. I had moved back to London and started making up for lost time with food, drink and everything in between. My fitness took a huge hit as a result. That’s when I came across Best Athletics - a running club that seemed to really break the mould. 


I found my love for running again with a group of passionate runners across all abilities and within 4 months achieved sub 3 hours at Brighton marathon finishing 149th out of a field of 14,000 runners, whilst still socialising with my friends and achieving in my career! I couldn’t have done it without the coaching I received from Nick and support I had from the team. 


I want to share my passion and experience with as many people as possible. No matter what level you are, I’m here to help you take charge of your fitness journey while maintaining a busy career and social life, achieve your goals and reach your full potential - all whilst making sure you enjoy the ride. 


I’ve never felt happier and it’s amazing how much the benefits of running spill over into all aspects of life. The pride and feeling I get from helping and seeing others achieve their goals is like no other, and I can’t wait for you to start your journey with me!


  • Leadership in Running Fitness

  • Coaching Assistant

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