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The Brand New 5K PB Run Clinic

Your Ultimate 5K Training Plan

  • Like any sport, and so many other things in life, running excellence does not happen randomly. This is excellence by design. The Ultimate 5k Running Plan focuses on five essential pillars of a successful training plan to ensure you achieve or exceed your 5k PB goal.

1. A Six-week training plan - Head Coach Nick

2. Strength and Conditioning - Physiotherapist Luke

3. Nutrition - Coach Aaron

4. Injury prevention & management - Coach Luke

5. The Runner's Mindset - Head Coach Nick

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The Best Athletics 6-Week Training Stack

  • An introductory video on what you can expect from the clinic and what is expected of you to realise your 5k PB in six weeks.

  • Five simple but detailed step-by-step video presentations on the key aspects of running your 5k PB by Nick and the Best Athletics coaches. (see below for more detail on the Five Pillars).

  • 6-week training plan in PDF format.

  • Strength & Conditioning Guide in PDF format.

  • Nutrition Guide in PDF format.

  • Training plan on Training Peaks. (more details on this below)

  • Links to other lectures or videos that supplement and support the pre-recorded videos and provide more detail.

  • Membership of and participation in an online forum hosted on Facebook with an international online running community facilitated by the Best Athletics coaches, all focussed on a single goal: achieving your 5k PB in 6-weeks!

  • Weekly coaching videos from Nick throughout the six weeks.

  • Two live panel discussions and athlete Q&A’s, one in week 3 and one at the end of the programme just before you run your 5k time trail/Park Run. (Both are recorded for later viewing for anyone unable to attend live.)


  • Sign up for the Best Athletics Running Clinic and you will be given free access to Training Peaks. All you need to do is register on Training Peaks and you will be able to download Nick Bester’s pre-built 5k running plan and connect your favourite compatible fitness device to your Training Peaks account.

  • Training Peaks will then send alerts to your fitness device, detailing the workout for the day and will sync your scheduled sessions to your smartwatch so that you get real-time training prompts during your workouts. After your session is completed, your data will be sent back to Training Peaks so that you can track your progress and watch your fitness improve.

Clinic Logistics 

  • All coaching material is pre-recorded and is available to you once the programme starts on the Best Athletics Learning Platform on the 1 June 2024

  • You will be able to access the introductory video (and some sneaky prep videos ) immediately upon registration.

  • Access to the athlete forum is within 48 hours of registration, continuous throughout the clinic, and will only close 10-days after the clinic is done. (We want to hear your results after all. )

  • The athlete forum is facilitated by the Best Athletic Coaches. 

  • You will receive all new content notifications via email and on the forum.

  • Each week of the clinic you will receive a coaching video that outlines the focus for that week.

  • The clinic includes two live panels discussion, one mid clinic and one just before your PB time-trial (hosted on Zoom).

  • The clinic is online, and the programme can be done from anywhere in the world provided you have internet access and a burning desire to smash your 5k PB!.

Registration is now open!

Best Athletics Running Clinic starts:  1 June 2024
Registration closes: 30 May 2024

Registration fee:

Now $99

(was $199)

“Join me and the team along with an international community of runners for the next 6 weeks as we prep you to smash your 5k PB!”

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