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Sport of any and every kind has always played a huge part in my life, with running the pinnacle of my passion. Nothing else in the world makes me feel as alive and invigorated as running does. Running allows me to feel grounded in times of uncertainty, challenges me to be tough when I am feeling weak and takes me to places I never thought I could go. Running is what fills me with joy, keeps me smiling and keeps me positive. The pure love to move one foot after the other has led me to develop into a running coach for Best Athletics adding to my already established degree in Sport and Exercise Science.


Having originally come from an athletics background, competing in 800m, 1500m and Cross Country, since moving to London and joining Best Athletics I have spent my time competing in half marathons. My personal highlight being the Barcelona Half Marathon in February 2023 where I finished in a time of 01:23:19, qualifying me for a championship entry to the London Marathon 2024. I strongly believe to become the fastest and strongest runner you need to be able to excel and perform in an array of distances. I achieved my 5km (18:16) and 10km (38:35) PB following my half marathon build. 

If you haven’t already noticed, fitness is my life, it’s what consumes me and beyond running I engage in cycling, swimming, strength training and all things yogi (and yes that includes meditation and a whole food plant based diet…)

For anyone looking for a holistic, wellness based approach to training I’m ya gal. 


My Training Philosophy. 

1. Science

As a Sport Scientist, my training programmes will be based around the latest science and proven formulas to achieve your running success. This allows me to design an individualised evidence-based training programme to meet your needs, lifestyle and running goals to become a fitter, faster and stronger runner. I will use scientific performance tests to first identify your specific training zones and to track your progression over the coming weeks to months to allow you to excel and for us to monitor your progression.

2. Enjoyment

One of the most fundamental things about running and training is that you are enjoying what you are doing. Why put so many hours a week into something that you dread? I will listen to your preferences to ensure that you are loving training and will look to work with you to design the most individualised way of training that works for you and your lifestyle.


3. Mindset

We need to train the mind just as much as our physical body. Learning how to develop mental resilience, push through mental barriers to excel in training and racing is key to success and enjoyment as a runner.


4. Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most essential aspects of our running performance and overall health. Proper nutrition is crucial to optimise performance, promote recovery, well-being and reduce the risk of injury. Without sufficient and appropriate nutrition we will not be able to perform at our best. We need to ensure our bodies have sufficient fuel for our training demands to run, train and recover again and again - this is completely unique to you as an individual and everyone has their own specific nutritional needs. With smart nutrition planning our bodies are able to adapt to become more fuel efficient as we train. I love to follow the 3 Rs (Recovery, Refuel, Rehydrate). My role as a coach will be to educate and support your journey to adopt healthy nutrition practices in and around training to make nutrition on race day smooth sailing!


5. Strength and Mobility

To help improve your running form, strength and power as well as reduce the risk of injury and any potential niggles, I will look to incorporate strength based sessions within your running program. This will be based on your individual needs following a pre-assessment.



6. Wellness

As human beings with busy lives sometimes we overlook the fundamental pillars of health: 

  • Sleep

  • Managing stress levels 

  • Movement

  • Nutrition


As part of my coaching package I will make continual updates to your training plan based on your progress, feedback and anything that comes up. We will schedule a full review at the end of each month via WhatsApp/Skype and I will always be available on WhatsApp. My approach is a fully holistic one making sure all parts of your wellness journey are captured and your living life to the full!


  • Leadership in Running Fitness

  • BSc Sport and Exercise Science

  • Plans to study for the IOPN Diploma in Sports Nutrition in 2024.

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