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I am the Founder of Best Athletics Running Club (registered with England Athletics), Head Coach of Best Athletics, Online Running Coach and Adidas London Captain.


I am 34 years old and a full time running coach, athlete and founder of Best Athletics, one of the fastest growing clubs in the UK with well over 500 members and 9 coaches, as well as an Adidas London Captain.


I am a passionate runner, looking to improve and help as many fellow runners as I can on my journey.


When I first started running, I did not enjoy it one bit!  It was so much effort for such little reward. Every km was a slog and I couldn’t believe people actually choose to do this and have fun doing it. My first ever 5k was over 25 minutes and first marathon in 3hr 17m.


However, after completing my first race, I finally started getting fitter and started enjoying running more.


I am now at the stage where I depend on running and believe that very few things are sweeter in life than a PB and nothing in the world beats that endorphin release that running gives you – NOTHING!


I have run over 80 consecutive sub 3 marathons and my PB’s are:


  • Marathon: 2:20:08

  • Half Marathon: 1:06:19

  • 10k: 30:46

  • 5k: 14:34

Onwards and Upwards!


  • Certified Running Leader with England Athletics.

  • Certified Coach in Running Fitness with England Athletics.

  • Certified Gait Analyst: Level 1.

  • Qualified PT: Level 2.

  • Bachelors degree in Business Management.

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