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Athlete Of The Month

April 2023

The Athlete of the month, for the month April is.... Trudi Beloou!!

SUB 3:10 at London marathon 2023!

Championship qualification time achieved for all marathon majors for her age


The championship qualification time for V45 – 49 is 3:11. She still had a whole

minute and 6 seconds to play with.

What’s most impressive about Trudi is these two things;

1) She’s an airhostess.

She travels all over the world for work which means it’s very tricky for her to get into

routine. As runners, routine is key. So the fact she gets through the bulk of her

training in ‘out of routine’ circumstances is very impressive. Foreign routes, different

times zones etc. she just seems to smash through it all!

2) Her attitude!

Always smiling, never complaining. Such an all-round positive person. If she’s jetlagged, she doesn’t complain about it, she just seems to get on with it and get it done! A lot of people within the BA team have agreed with me that her positive outlook to life and enthusiasm is infectious to those around her! Thanks for setting an example and encourage all those around you too.

I managed to run a large portion of the 1st km at this year’s London marathon with

Trudi and it’s a moment I’ll cherish forever!

Keep up that winning attitude!

Keep working hard!

Most importantly, keep smiling!

Proud of you!


Who will be the athlete of the month for May?

Coach Nick

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