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Athlete of the Month

February 2024

As a coach, it's truly inspiring to see athletes like Alex Jeffreys embody the essence of hard work and dedication. Alex's journey, from conquering an Ironman in a remarkable time of 9 hours and 43 minutes to achieving impressive personal bests in both the Valencia Marathon and his recent half marathon, showcases his progression through dedication to the sport.

What sets Alex apart is not just his outstanding performances but also his unwavering determination and resilience. Over the past year of working with Alex, I've witnessed his love of running and his commitment to training translate into success as he achieved personal bests in nearly all distances he's tackled. Whether it's smashing his Ironman time, shaving off an impressive 6 minutes from his marathon time in Valencia, or clocking a remarkable half marathon PB of 1 hour and 12 minutes, Alex consistently pushes his limits and surpasses expectations.

Despite facing challenges such as being posted on a ship for a month during his Ironman training, Alex didn't let anything deter him from his goals. Instead, he embraced the situation, making the most of treadmill and stationary bike sessions, and welcoming his adapted upper body strength sessions to mimic swimming as closely as possible (ironic being in the middle of the ocean and not being able to swim).

Alex's success is a testament to his work ethic and positive mindset. He approaches each training session with focus and determination, never making excuses but rather finding solutions to overcome obstacles. His ability to stay committed and disciplined, even in the face of adversity, is truly commendable.

It's been a privilege to witness Alex's progression as a runner over the past year. His series of personal bests stand as a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence and his willingness to put in the hard work required to achieve his goals. Alex is not just an exceptional athlete; he's an inspiration to all who have the privilege of witnessing his journey.

Congratulations once again, Alex, on your well-deserved recognition as Athlete of the Month! 🌟

Coach Sam

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