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Gait Analysis with Prehab

Video taken during a half marathon attempt at Battersea Park, London

Throughout my running career I have always wanted to do a gait analysis and more so recently with the margins for improvement becoming finer. As runners there are always ways to improve. I’m happy with where my training is at the moment, but I identified an area where I felt I could most improve on which is my form. The gait analysis with Prehab is something I’m really glad I did now, prior to continuing with my bad habits and picking an injury up at a later stage.

I wanted to do a thorough analysis of my running form, compare my form to the most efficient runners and work on where I can improve the most. Prehab offer a certified virtual gate analysis where they create your own personal running strategy by helping identify injury prevention, while facilitating performance enhancing. Exactly what I was looking for and something I have found to be beneficial.

It is easy, convenient and doesn’t take much time either. All I had to do was record a few short videos of myself running from the front, back and sides. Once I sent this through, I then had a video call with Prehab’s running gait analysis team. They guided me through a thorough orthopaedic assessment to identify any issues relating to strength, flexibility, stability, balance and kinesthetics that may correlate with any identified mechanics in my running form. We then went over the videos to dissect frame by frame my front, back and side mechanics pointing out every area I had advantages on and areas that needed adjusting. Eye opener for me.

The Prehab team identify areas of weakness, so that we could address these going forward. The findings from the various tests, confirmed exactly why I was running how I am, great in certain areas but opportunity to improve on in others. The Prehab team is professional and knowledgeable, and it came as no surprise that straight away they confirmed some of the current issues and areas of tightness that I currently have.

They spent of a lot of time doing a thorough analysis and compiling a report specific to me. The report confirms areas that are working well, but most importantly areas I need to improve on in order to be a much more efficient runner as well as reduced the risk of injury.

It didn’t end there. We talked about how to conserve energy, ways I can be more aerodynamic, what I can do to improve fuel economy and performance enhancement strategies.

From these findings there are 4 main areas I need to work on going forward;

1) My ankles collapse slightly when I land. An issue that if I do not address over the short term, then I am almost guaranteed to be injured in the future. The way I am currently landing is simply not sustainable

2) The fact that landing leg is in front of my body rather then in one straight line. This is causing a double movement. Firstly, I cushion and resist the impact, secondly my stride forward is a complete separate movement rather than ideally being one movement. Once again which would make me a much more efficient and improve the flow to my running.

3) The way I run in 1 track rather then 2 separate tracks. My legs tend to swing around rather then directly following their lines. This is down to the fact that I have very tight hips and need to work on my hip mobility. A common issue amongst a lot of runners.

4) My arms swing around my body, rather than swinging straight through. Once again this is mainly down to my tights hips.

The best part about the gait analysis for me isn’t purely identifying areas of weakness, but rather getting given individual specific exercises to work on and address my issues. Most runners know where they need to improvement but aren’t quite sure how, which is where the true value of this Gait analysis comes through.

I’ve been giving exercises to do on a regular basis, and I can’t wait to see what the future results will be and just how my running efficiency will improve going forward. I’m under no illusion that it’ll happen overnight, it’s a gradual process but something I most certainly won’t be neglecting going forward. Another huge positive about the gait analysis that Prehab offer is the fact that you have regular catch ups going forward, tracking how progress is going and adjusting/adding any further exercises to your current routine.

Prehab is currently offering a special for £175 and you can get a 10% further discount if you use the code JUSTALILBESTER. If you are a current club member, or become one, I will be in direct communication with Prehab to assist you in the process and include additional benefits and discounts not limited to free classes, races, continuing running education, treatment and guidance.

Current exercises I’ll be doing for the next few weeks to address my issues;

Exercise Prescription:

Begin with 3 x 15 sec holds per side with a 15-30 sec rest between sides. Once you can maintain form progress time gradually up to 3 x 30 sec holds for each side. To help stabilize kinesthetic awareness.

Exercise Prescription:

Perform 3 sets of 15 sec before a run. You can practice this during runs

If you’d like to see the video consultation between myself and Prehab, then get in touch with me, I’m more than happy to share it with you.

If you have any further questions, would like more details or would like to book this gait analysis for yourself then please do so via the below link;

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