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Athlete of the Month

August 2023

The athlete of the month for the month of August is… Lindsay Skinner!

Wow what a machine! Where to start!

Let’s start with the standout performance;

She recently competed in the 5K champs. Where she represented England in the Masters category. And my word did she deliver. Finishing in an impressive 17:12!

Placing her 19th overall, 2nd V40 and third lady back for England. Doing her country proud, and her coach even more proud!

Prior to this, Lindsay was away on holiday. However instead of changing things completely, we decided to tweak things here and there and stick to the structure as close as possible, whilst reducing some mileage and volume. Clearly she put in the work, as the results speak for themselves. The exact way we like to train, work hard play hard! And she is someone that’s getting the balance just about perfect at the moment.

When it comes to Lindsay’s training it’s simple, two harder days and the rest eeeeasy!

She puts in the work, nails those tough sessions, pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Then on the easy days, she really allows her body to recover. Keeping training productive.

Just this past weekend she decided to do her first ever Parkrun. Finishing in 17:34 which put it into the top 10 fastest female Parkrun times for the weekend! Perhaps she should look to do more parkruns beast mode!

There’s been some chat about a potential London Marathon next year. Perhaps it’s time! We’ll see how things play out over the next few months.

But wow what a few weeks you’ve had Lindsay! Proving that you deserve to be in England vest. It suits you! Let’s keep working hard! And smart!

Onwards and upwards,

Your proud coach Nick 💙

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