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Athlete of the Month

October 2023

I am really excited to announce that Dylan Smith is November's Athlete of the Month! I have been coaching Dylan for around 6 months now and he has achieved so much in that time.

Dylan is a prime example of an athlete who is consistent with this running AND strength work. He puts in the miles, performs on the sessions but knows his body and when recovery is important. Dylan didn’t have the perfect build up to Berlin Marathon when he was faced with a minor injury. We all know how hard this can be mentally and as the days pass by it plays on your mind more and more however Dylan was patient, took to cross training when it was needed and ran Berlin Marathon in 3.26 an 18 min PB!! He came off the back of Berlin mentally and physically stronger which has shown in his sessions and subsequent racing.

I always remember him messaging me during marathon training to say that his current easier paces used to be his previous marathon race pace which made me smile and this is all down to him showing up and putting the work in.

Since Berlin Marathon in September he has achieved a PB of 42.02 in 10k and at Parkrun breaking the sub 20 min barrier in 19:48 (previous PB was 21:21).

Dylan is not only reaping the rewards of his training, he is also a great and valued team member of my coaching group, always supporting other runners and providing really useful insights in the group calls and chat.

Next up for Dylan is chasing PB's in 10k and Half Marathon before we get back into a spring marathon block.

There’s lots more to come and I can’t wait to see it all unfold!

Really well done Dylan - what a 6 months its been so far. Mentally and physically stronger and ready for more!

Coach Natalie

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