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Athlete of the Month


Athletes of the month for the month of August is… Mike McDonagh.

What a performance at Berlin Marathon!

Mike finished in an epic time of 2:43. Placing him 4th in his category! His fastest km splits were his last two, and he even managed to do a sweet 20 second negative split.

This year has been super busy for Mike from a work point of view. He has had to find the time to build some consistency in en route to Berlin marathon. When it comes to running what you put in is what you get out, if you have a good race, which clearly he did!

There’s nothing better than seeing an athlete work so hard and watching It play out on race day. The victory lap he deserved.

With his busy days, he’s had to find time to train. And according to some of the early bird runs that I see on his Training Peaks, he most likely has London all to himself. No excuses, just getting it done.

Every year it seems that Mike is getting faster! We discussed risking it for the biscuit next marathon. Can’t wait to see how the rest of his journey plays out. It’s been an absolute pleasure being your coach and a massive congrats on the execution of Berlin Marathon.

Onwards and upwards.

Coach Nick

Who will be athletes of the month in November?

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