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Coach Nick’s London Marathon Approach

In this article, we chat to Nick about his views on London Marathon, why he’s doing it, how many sessions he does a week, which products he takes and when, as well as his race day strategy.

There are some very useful tips in here and hopefully they can aid your racing/training too.



Q: Why are you doing London Marathon 2022?


A: London Marathon is my favourite race in the world. It’s assimple as that! Of all the marathons I’ve done, there’s no atmosphere quite like it.


There are over half a million people who line the streets, screaming for you from start to finish.

When I did my first one, I’d never experienced something quite like that. I made a promise to myself that I will try to do it every single year, while I’m living in London and able to run. Those who have had the privilege to have run before or to have supported, will know exactly what the atmosphere is about. Those who have never experienced it before - just you wait. You’re about to embrace something special!



Q: How are you approaching training and how many sessions are you doing a week?


A: At the moment, I’m doing relatively high mileage - around 100 miles a week, with a full rest day. I find this rest day to be super beneficial, and it just allows my body to recover, before embracing the next week’s training.


I’m doing three harder sessions a week; one track session, one tempo session, and one quality longer run. All my other runs are easy, recovery, maintenance miles.

I always try follow the 80/20 rule as best as I possibly can.What this rule means is - 80% maintenance, recovery, easier running; 20% quality, faster, more intense running.



Q: Which products are you currently taking and what will you take on race day?


A: I start every day with a SIS hydration tablet. Lately it’s been really hot and I have actually been finishing the day with one of these too. Prior to my run, I will have a SIS electrolyte/carb drink. It’s crucial to be fuelled sufficiently for these runs, especially the more intense ones, done in a very hot London recently. Immediately after the session, I will get my recovery protein in from a SIS Rego recovery smoothie. You have a crucial half an hour window to get this protein in, which is what your muscles need in order to speed up the recovery process. The sooner you can get it in after the session the better.


On really big session days, I will follow up this smoothie with a shot of SIS tart cherry juice mixed in water, which further aids this recovery process. For my longer runs, I ensure that I take a SIS gel every 45 minutes. This is crucial in remaining fuelled throughout the run, avoiding being depleted, and hitting the dreaded wall.

On race day I will take three normal gels, and my final fourth gel will be a caffeine one, for the extra kick.


Apart from this, I take daily vitamins such as Omega three, Vitamin D, BCAAs, Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D in the winter.


I will also have pre-and post-session bars, when I feel I need to. A product I’m really liking lately is the SIS go-bakes. They are really easy to digest and tend to give me a good release of energy throughout my run. If I finish my run and I’m not home any time soon, then I’ll take a SIS protein bar, which has 20g of protein, in place of my Rego recovery smoothie.



Q: What is your race strategy this year?


A: My race strategy this year is simple!  Well, no marathon is simple haha, but here it is. I am pacing a sub 2:38 bus this year. I’ll be racing Berlin Marathon the week before, so this year’s London Marathon is not about me, it’s about helping others achieve their goals. There are quite a few people in my coaching group who are targeting for this time. Since announcing the pace I will be running at, it seems like there are loads more athletes keen to join. If this is in or around your target time, feel free to join; the more the merrier! Positive vibes; negative splits! Let’s go!


I just want to say a massive good luck to all runners who aredoing the London Marathon this year! I really hope you achieve your goals. Whether we do or we don’t, embrace the day, soak in the crowds, and enjoy taking part in the world’s best marathon!


Onwards and upwards,

Coach Nick


Thank you so much for sharing Nick.

We’re backing you and the rest of the team!


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