Planning when to Peak

I’ve found in the more recent years there’s a much bigger focus on progression runs and rightly so. I am a huge fan of these sessions and I’ve felt just how much these benefit me’

It’s impossible to stay at your fittest all year round and a common mistake made by a lot of runners. Peaking takes a lot of physical and mental strength in the build-up, as well as on the day. But it’s just as important to give yourself the rest you need after a race, break your body down and then rebuild again. A comparison I like to use is that training up our bodies is like building a house. It takes long to build it (that is the hardest part), but once it is finally built, all you need to do is maintain it to ensure it’s in immaculate condition. Your house could get damaged, it could even get hit by a hurricane (injury) there’s loads of uncertainty. It’s how we react, repair the damage and maintain our temples that’s the most important part!<