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Testimonial from Amy Templeton

‘I started working with Nick in November with the aim of reaching a 3:20 Marathon time. I thought a coach could help set up a programme but didn’t really know what to expect. Safe to say my expectations have been exceeded in every way.

From day one Nick has been incredible. Genuine interest in my goals in running but also my general lifestyle and (although we disagree on football teams) is hugely supportive. 

I had no idea what a progression run was, and when I first saw my hill and sprint sessions I thought there was no way! But I’m now getting faster and stronger and achieving times I never thought possible.

I’ve had a few injuries and niggles (as we all do) and Nick made sure my plan adjusted so I could maintain my fitness and keep my mind-set strong. Always around to give me a boost if I need one and cut me slack when he thought I needed it. 

Although marathon races have been postponed, Nick has turned the negative into a positive and turned the disappointment around! Not an easy task but his mind-set and enthusiasm is contagious. 

Can’t recommend Nick highly enough, there through the highs and lows just pushing you to do your best!’

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