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Testimonial from Anna Whall

'I have been training with Natalie for about 6 months now - time has absolutely flown by! I've trained for a 10k, a half marathon and now I'm training for a Manchester Marathon PB under her guidance. Training with Natalie has 100% changed the running game for me, I absolutely love it and I'm runner more miles than ever and consistently faster than ever, the key word there being consistently.

Natalie has helped me understand and balance the easy running with the harder sessions. Every session has a purpose and point to it, every session counts which helps my mindset and motivation, especially in these dark, winter months. Natalie is super encouraging, knows when to challenge and push you but also knows when you might need to reign things in.

My strength training now compliments my running and is a really manageable amount for me to fit into my busy week. I love having the pace and time targets that Natalie provides as they really help me push. She even works to personalise my running club sessions to my paces and to fit my marathon training - something which I hugely appreciate as I love my running club!

I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie to absolutely transform your running and your mindset, whether it's just to help generally structure your running better or to train for a specific event, she can do it all!'

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