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Testimonial from Andy Cole

Having been a ‘fun’ runner (honestly it is fun) for almost 20 years I thought I was fine with just running…this was until I found running just becoming a bit same old same old, same route, same kind of times, same feeling of just going through the motions!!

I decided to try to do something about it!! Listening to a few podcasts to get some inspiration I happened to come across one from Nick and something just clicked…I genuinely could have listened to him talking about running for hours!

After a quick email exchange and him breaking down the kind of things he does, coupled with his enthusiasm, not only running, but for the Best Athletics running group and I was sold!!

Fast forward 6 weeks…I’m loving running again, I’ve added new routines to my running week and found a really supportive, likeminded group of runners…oh and I happen to have PB’d my 5k, 10k and knocked 8 and a half minutes of my Half Marathon time!

Nick is first class, an amazingly humble person and athlete, and frankly inspirational…glad to be part of Best Athletics.

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