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Testimonial from Joe Anderson

‘I have been running for around two years now and have completed numerous half marathons and two marathons. With no real guidance or knowledge how to structure a training block I have just gone off impulse and built up mileage gradually, this has led to me being overall disappointed in my performance on the day and struggled with injury. I needed some help after completing the Berlin marathon.

I booked myself onto the Barcelona marathon then decided a coach would be the best route for this, I really have absolutely no idea how I came across Nick’s page but I could see his passion for the love we all have for running and saw he was launching his coaching so enquired, he was quick and professional in his response and made sure he got lots of detail in terms of pace, previous running experience and also my day to day routine so he could structure a plan for me that worked. 

He introduced sessions that I hadn’t even done before such as hills, park run, and tempo runs, quickly I realised how much knowledge he has. His monthly approach of breaking down the block is great. I have never felt like I was doing too much too soon. Everything has been a steady upwards progression. Using training peaks everything is monitored on the app by Nick and I’m able to comment how I feel and if any issues. It’s also really flexible, I can switch things around and don’t have to worry provided I’m completing the end goal.

I have managed in the time of us working together to drop my marathon pace by over a minute, I think most of this comes down to the belief and faith Nick shows towards me, he’s regular comments or positive messages go a long way.

 I had tried to break my half marathon personal best for 7 races and the closest I had got was within 4 minutes of it and that was me blowing, i have managed to beat it by 3 minutes since and felt comfortable. I can’t wait to continue working with him and hopefully fulfil my potential with his help. 

I would urge anyone looking to take their running to the next step or just to further their knowledge to work with Nick, he cares on a personal level and you’ll find a friend rather than a coach!’

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