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Testimonial from Matthew Low

‘I don’t need a running coach and never will. I’ve run many sub-3 hour marathons, completed the Comrades ultra-marathon and the Two Oceans ultra-marathon in incredible times, and even took to the podium in some trail runs. I don’t need a running coach and never will.

As an impassioned runner with a career spanning just shy of 20 years, I always thought I knew what it took to get better, to get stronger, to get faster at my craft…until I didn’t. There comes a time in every amateur professional’s (or “AmaPro’s” as I call them) life in which what you put in is definitely not what you get out. The sacrifice of one’s social and professional life is wasted without that significant goal reached.

Sadly, at this point, you’ve exhausted all logical excuses to justify the outcome. When I found myself facing this debilitating reality, I knew had two options here: (1) Call it a day and accept my future of looking back to the pursuit of accomplishments made, or (2) Suck up my pride and ask for help towards a future of accomplishments still to be achieved. I think it’s clear I chose the latter.

I will tell you right now that finding a coach is not easy, especially when you are an “AmaPro”. But, having closely followed Nick for the better part of 3 years and observing him constantly achieve feats thought to be exclusive to the elite athlete whilst holding down a strenuous day job, I knew I had the right guy.

Now, I can provide you with subjective qualitative evidence of what makes Nick an excellent coach, but I would prefer to rely on objective quantitative data to do so. The graphic below is Strava’s Fitness Graph indicating relative effort based on heart rate data from my accurate Garmin chest strap.

Since joining Nick, this metric has increased from 57 to 111 (95% increase), including lockdown in South Africa where we were not allowed to leave our homes for 6 weeks. This is the highest it has been for the last 2 years, which includes a silver medal at the 2019 Two Oceans Marathon, and a 2 hour 46 min time at the Frankfurt Marathon, amongst other races.

Matthew Low’s Strava Graph

Overall, Nick has proven to have a wealth of knowledge towards the body and its biomechanics, he has a proven history of experience both across short course and ultra-distance races, and he exudes a confidence and a personal interest in each of his athletes and how they can be better overall.

Most importantly, Nick and Team JustALittleBester help each other achieve their goals, no more, no less.

Nick is a friend, a fellow athlete, and a source of experience, knowledge, and passion beyond anyone I have met in the running fraternity. This is why I am confident I don’t need a running coach and never will.’

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