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Testimonial from Natalie Karaminas

Get yourself a running coach who:

  • Is your biggest fan

  • Is your no.1 motivator

  • Is a fountain of training knowledge

  • CARES about your training

  • Understands that life can sometimes get in the way

  • Makes you feel like you can accomplish anything

  • Pushes you to reach your goals

This is Alex.

Since I’ve started training with Alex, I’ve not only gained speed to achieve those PBs, but I’ve also realised the value of strength & conditioning and proper warm ups to prevent those running niggles.

My plan with Alex is a great mix of speed & tempo sessions, easy runs and long runs, as well as those all-important strength sessions, which fit perfectly around my work schedule.

Nothing happens overnight, but with Alex I’ve learned to trust the process & keep showing up to get to where I want to be.

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