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Testimonial from Stefania Williams

‘Last November, after many years of running and 19 marathons, I was going from injury to injury and so scared to get injured again that I had lost the joy of running. At 53, I didn’t want to accept to stop running, therefore I started to look for some coaching online to get motivated again. I approached many, without feeling the vibe. Some seem to promise the impossible, others seem they just want to sell their packages.

I was getting really demotivated when I decided to try another coach found on IG, and I wrote to Nick Bester. First of all, I was impressed by his prompt reply and his ‘down to earth’ communication style: reading his running achievements, I was expecting someone ‘unapproachable’ and I was a bit intimidated. I never met anyone running so fast, and who achieved so much in little time. But I didn’t have to be: Nick’s reply was kind and prompt and explained what he could offer and most importantly I didn’t feel any pressure. The personal approach on that email encouraged me to give it a go, and it is one of the best decisions I ever took.

Nick genuinely cares about his clients. He sincerely wants to use his passion to running to help others to achieve their goals. Nick prepared a customised program for me, and the program is adapted to my needs and commitments and modified and tuned in while we go along. Through his constant comments to my workouts, and prompt replies to emails, I feel motivated to improve and I feel accountable for my runs. I really like the fact that he always tells us that runs should be safe and happy. For example, he suggested me not to run when the weather was bad, but to keep safe and do cross training at gym. 

I really appreciate how much Nick is helping me to achieve my goals. I now really believe that one is never too old to dream another dream. For the first time, I am really enjoying my marathon training and I look forward to each session.

So far, I have tried new types of running workouts, did many speed sessions (which I had always avoided because I was scared of them!) and got a PB in my parkrun! Most importantly, I have suffered no injuries, feel stronger than 6 months ago, and I found again the joy of running!

Nick gives motivation to people he never even met and seems to know them so well through the running logs. I feel he respects my humble ambitions even when he could choose to train only the fastest and the youngest, and this is a true talent.

I feel Nick is a coach who is genuinely happy when a client is happy, and really concerned when a client is injured or unhappy and does what he can to help them to get better. Through his IG page, he also posts his experience and his comments to make sure that running doesn’t take over your life, but on the contrary, that it compliments and balances private lives. 

Nick’s personal and constant approach to clients is certainly one of his best qualities as a coach, which combined with his coaching knowledge is the key to the success of his clients.

If you are prepared to put all your efforts to achieve your goals, and if you believe in your dreams, Nick is definitely the person who will take you there.’

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