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Athlete of the Month – April 2021

The Athlete of the month, for the month April is.... Alexandra Maxwell

When Alex initially joined, she was just about finishing her rehab period. She had niggles which needed addressed before getting into full on running training and building back up again. It’s never fun being in injured and having to do the ‘boring’ work it takes to build back up and get yourself into a position where training is sustainable going forward!

Alex was smart in the way went about things. Sticking to the rehab plan in the beginning, trusting the process, not doing anything drastic and just gradually building back up again. She didn’t force things and knew if she just remained patient during this phase then the grass would be greener on the other side!

The grass is greener on the other side!! She recently ran a 10km PB this past weekend 42:39!!

After months of consistent training and most importantly listening to her body she’s now baring the fruits of the training that she’s put in. I’ve always said, you know your body best and ultimately need to listen to it when it feels as if it needs rest. She’s really good at this. Always keeping the easy days easy, allowing her to smash the harder days out the park!

Given her speedy improvement within the first half of this year, we have had to reassess her goals. Always a good thing! The next goal for this superstar is a sub 20-minute attempt in May at Battersea park, on her birthday actually. That would be an epic present. From you to you!

I’ll be there supporting and cannot wait to see how you get along!

I’m backing you 100%!




Who will be the athlete of the month for May??

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