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Athlete of the Month – February 2023

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Feb Athlete Of The Month is Battersea Park’s answer to the Welsh Runner - Sion Mattey. Pronounced SHAURN MATEY. Obviously.

The nicest man to run loops with. He started running for mental health, next thing he knew he was on start line at London Marathon 2021, in his own words he ‘got a nice slice of humble pie’ and fell off a cliff after setting out too fast. He is now one of the most sensible, efficacious, consistent and thus successful athletes in the club - now shooting for sub 3 at Manchester Marathon this year.

He ran his Half Marathon PB at Hampton Court by 5mins (1:20) and also ticked off his 20k, 10mile, 15k and 10k at the same time. A PB makes Clear Guinness the day race day whilst watching Wales in the Six Nations all worth it right?

Oh and not to dismiss his 5k PB at Dulwich Parkrun this month too (17:22)

He is a joy to coach; doing track / tempo & weekend long sessions with the team week in week out, looking smoother than ever. Excited to see what you do at Manchester champ! The perfect example of a happy runner being a good runner.

You can find him asthma pump in hand, listening to fatboy slim, probably doing one of his pre football and post football runs with a smile on his face!

Onwards & Upwards!

Coach Anya x

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