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Athlete of the Month – June 2022

The Athlete of the month, for the month June is.... Simon Rutter

Often I encourage runners to get out of their comfort zones. It’s one way to accelerate the speed of improvement. Simon did just this. Getting completely out of his comfort zone and entering his first ever track race. Boy do this pay off!

A debut track race of 5,000m in 31 degree heat, isn’t the easiest place to start. Simon managed to blast through the field and handle the heat, finishing 2nd overall in 18:56. A mighty impressive time considering the conditions. 1st place was just a mere few seconds in front of him!

This is what Simon had to say after the race ‘Great to get out of my comfort zone, shake things up and try something different. Hungry for more.’

Apart from this recent track race he ran like an absolute machine at Manchester marathon earlier this year. For months and months he was wondering whether he should tackle a marathon again. It seemed like an itch, that would just never go way. Much like Rhys in a track session, he’s just on me, like white on rice, and I can’t seem to shake him off 😉

This itch eventually became too much for Simon to handle. He gave in and committed to running Manchester marathon! What a great life choice this was. We had a clear goal of sub 3 in the build up to the race. He got himself into such a good position that sub 3 was never in doubt!

He finished in an epic 2h 59m 28sec, still had over half a minute to play with!

What a result it was!

In one of the best days the Best Athletics team has ever seen, some incredible runs!

Simon, well done! It’s been one helluva year and it feels like there’s still so much more to unlock!

I’m looking forward to seeing just where we can get to!


Who will be the athlete of the month for July??

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