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Athlete of the Month – May 2022

The Athlete of the month, for the month May is.... Emma Grencis!!

Have a look at this, Em’s last 3 marathons;

Brighton Marathon 2017: 3.56

Frankfurt Marathon 2019: 3.31

Edinburgh Marathon 2022: 3.11

Do I even need to say anymore??!!

Let me give you some background on this cross-training beast and why I am so proud of where she has gotten to today!

She was pretty badly injured, to say the least, in early August. After being in quite a bit of pain we decided it was best to get it checked out. She had a stress response to her femur. If we didn’t back off then, it would have turned into a fracture.

She also lost about 5kgs during this time (by accident) dropping her weight to 46kgs. She wasn’t in a fit state to run or even incorporate strength work.

So she spent most of September and October not running, only building back again in November. With a small amount of volume to begin with, about 3 x 20 minutes week.

Move on to December and she was finally ready to start quality speed stuff again. She started with a ‘5km fitness test’ and we progressively built month on month from there.

As well as building her running and fitness back up, she gained some healthy weight and was back up to 49kgs. She was finally ready for smaller strength sessions twice a week.

From then it’s been smooth sailing!

Consistency and mind set is what it’s all about. Emma has both!

She BLEW Edinburgh marathon apart and who is to say she won’t do a sub 3hr marathon one day? I most certainly back her!

But for now you need to celebrate this PB and have a post-race pizza of course, while the legs recover!

Phenomenon run and you have come a long way Em!

Still from from peaking, let’s push boundaries and see just how far we can get!


Who will be the athlete of the month for June??

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