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Athlete of the Month – November 2021

The Athlete of the month, for the month November is.... Jarryd Hillhouse

You get people who love races! Then you get people who REALLY love races! Then you get Jarryd Hillhouse!

In all my time running, I have never met someone who loves a race just as much as Jarryd. In fact, he gets the biggest amount of FOMO and would happily enter a race the very next day after his marathon if the team were doing it and it was appealing to him.

Doing Jarryd’s monthly plans is similar to playing a game of Minesweeper. With the races being bombs everywhere and you having to slot sessions all around them. Haha jokes aside it really is great to see his passionate for the sport truly shine through by making appearances and wanting to take part in all these races.

He has recently been on red hot form and has had a series of great results. Finishing a RunThrough Battersea 10km on the 13th of November in an impressive time of 39:34, This was a 17 second PB. Then just a week later he smashed this PB once again finishing a Sri Chinmoy 10km race at Battersea in a blistering 38:14, which was a 1m 20sec PB!

Is this the last of his PB’s? I most certainly think not!!

Prior to these shorter distances races he completed Madrid marathon at the end of September in 3h 29m and then once again in true Jarryd style he PB’d a week later at the Loch ness marathon finishing in 3h 18m.

Phenomenal year so far and it’s not done just yet. He’s doing Valencia marathon this weekend as part of a Best Athletics takeover and then he’s got Malaga marathon a week after, obviously!

We both know it’s not possible to race week in and week out, so next year we’ll be targeting some key races and using all the races as training. This takes discipline, which an experienced Comrades running like Jarryd thankfully knows a lot about.

It’s been a great year buddy, despite everything that has gone on, you’ve really shone through with some of your race results and recent PB’s. You should be proud of yourself because I most certainly am proud of you! See you in Valencia!

Onwards and Upwards!

Who will be the athlete of the month for December?

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