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Athlete of the Month – October 2020

As I announced at the start of the year, I’ll be publishing a reoccurring article for my chosen ‘athlete of the month’. For October, the athlete of the month is... Charlie McCarthy.

Charlie is regular to attends track week in and week out. His burst of speed, especially over the shorter distances is simply phenomenal. Youth is on this young athlete’s side, and a combination of his fast twitch muscles combine with good genes resulted in him running a 25 second 200-meter in the last rep at the end of our track session. We all joked and said that last 200-meter rep made him ‘Athlete of the Month’, well it certainly did contribute towards it.

He has been trying to covert this short distance track speed into longer 5km and 10km distances. He’s been knocking on the sub 20-minute door for quite some time, although with an athlete of his calibre, it was a matter of time before he broke that, and he did so in style! Initially by 41 seconds! Then just this past weekend he broke the 19-minute barrier, by a mere 1 second to make it even sweeter. An achievement which he should be proud of and I can guarantee you, it’s a PB that will be broken again in the future.

Earlier on in October we had our race where he was targeting a sub 44-minute 10km. Having a great build up, and despite having various niggles popping up in race week, he was still able to finish his 10km in 42:37.

Every day it seems as though he was a better athlete then what he was yesterday, which is exactly what we’re after. If it’s not broken, don’t fix. We’ve worked out exactly what works best for him and as long as we keep moving forward that’s all we’re after. At his rate of progress, I’ll be coming to him for a few tips soon.




Who will be the athlete of the month for November??

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